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But is it worth springing for pricier blends of protein powder that are said to digest faster or deliver more nutrients to your muscles? And prottein do your personal goals and dietary raw vegan protein powder weight loss factor in? Boasting an impressive array of weiyht and minerals, this dairy-based product has become a post-workout staple in the diets of pro athletes and recreational gym-goers alike. This method is meant to improve the speed of digestion.

Not necessarilyresearch suggests. According to Brian St. Pierresports dietitian and nutrition coach at Precision Nutritionwhile specialized protein powders may be slightly more beneficial, the advantage is small in the grand scheme of sports nutrition. A basic whey concentrate protein powder from a reputable company can deliver great results, too, so long as adequate attention is paid to overall protein intake, optimal supplement timing, and diet quality, St.

Photo: Pond5 Although it might not fly looss shelves quite as quickly as whey, casein protein is actually very similar in more ways than one. Unlike whey protein, however, it digests slower due to a complex interaction with stomach acids. This same benefit is also thought to make casein protein a less optimal supplement arw when you want nutrients quickly.

However, research indicates this might not be as big of a deal as we thought. In many cases, whey and casein can be interchangeableSt. You can stock up on both. But, according to St. This percent plant-based protein is typically made from yellow peas and towers above common protein powders in a few regards. First, it is naturally fat- and cholesterol-free it comes from a plant after all.

So is time to ditch your regular source of protein in search of the elusive pea? Pea protein has its benefits, particularly for those with specific dietary considerations. While pea protein is affordable and contains similar levels of protein per same-sized serving as whey and casein, it has been shown to be deficient in one amino acid cystine. Otherwise, you could try rotating it into your supplement schedule to avoid boredom and mix up your nutritional routine. RELATED: Is the Vegan Diet the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Photo: Pond5 A mainstay in the households of many vegetarians, soybeans are another form of plant-based protein lowder still contain all of your essential amino acids referred to as a complete protein. In studiessoy protein also performs comparably to whey protein in terms of stimulating muscle growth after a tough strength training session. However, the benefits of soy extend beyond the gym. According to some research, isoflavones, organic compounds present in soy, have been shown to potentially reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The isoflavones can interact with hormones like estrogen and potentially skew hormone weight loss niche adsense when taken in excess. For men, specifically, the fear is that increased soy intake could reduce testosterone levels. For those still wary of any ill effects, soy protein concentrate is always an option. Due to the way this protein variation is processed, it has a lower amount of the potentially-negative isoflavones.

Raw vegan protein powder weight loss speaking, hemp seeds have more to offer than just protein content. For one, powser are often raw vegan protein powder weight loss of as a superfood due to their high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Hemp protein is also percent plant-based and highly-digestible, meaning less GI distress vrgan some users.

Hemp protein does come with a few cons, though. For one, the high fat content results in a higher calorie count, making this protein powder a less-optimal choice if the goal is purely weight loss. This drives up the price making hemp protein one of the more expensive options on the market. Surprisingly enough, this percent plant-based protein stacks up well against the competition. In an eight-week study comparing the benefits of both whey and rice protein supplementation, researchers concluded that both offered nearly the same benefit.

Rice protein is also gluten-free, making it a safe and economical choice for those with gluten allergies.

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