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Essex man triumphs in David and Goliath battle against Champagne association. Deliciously Ella: I want to get people excited about veg. Whale finds way to sea. And some of her recipes are good, especially the curries, stews, colourful salads and soups. To Order Call:Customer Service: Make Delicously Ella's morning smoothie.

Her first cookbook, published in January can you lose weight following deliciously ella, became the fastest selling debut ever. Her second, Deliciously Ella Every Daycame out this week. Ella certainly had a good reason to overhaul her own diet. Her health food odyssey began in with a debilitating disease, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome. It left her bed-ridden, in pain, and with headaches and heart palpitations.

And reducing sugar is also a good idea. However, there is no decent evidence that cutting out gluten, dairy and meat makes you any healthier… All of these, eaten in moderation, provide you with important nutrients. Dairy products are a great source of calcium as well as protein. The deal with coconut oil Many of the recipes include coconut oil. There have been very few studies looking at the effects of coconut oil. Current recommendations based on real evidence available are that coconut oil can be enjoyed in moderation, as with all fats.

The limited, poor evidence base that exists shows it can increase HDL good cholesterol but also increases total and LDL bad cholesterol. How useful is the book? And some of her recipes are good, especially the curries, stews, colourful salads cabbage soup detox diet plan soups. I do find it annoying that none of them are nutritionally analysed.

As the majority of the UK population is overweight or obese, and people buying this book are likely to be weight conscious, I think it would have been useful to include calorie analyses at least. I agree with her on the topics of planning meals in advance, cooking from scratch where you can, cooking in bulk and freezing, and increasing veg consumption. Her Roasted Maple Sprouts, however, are unlikely to do your waistline any favours — it contains potatoes, maple syrup, olive oil and hazelnuts, so add it as a side dish and you instantly pile a massive calorie load on to your plate.

You do NOT need to cut out gluten unless you have been diagnosed by a doctor or registered dietitian with gluten sensitivity or coeliac disease. Gluten-free products are no more healthy than gluten-containing ones. You do NOT need to cut out dairy from your can you lose weight following deliciously ella unless advised to by a doctor or registered dietitian — if you do you may be putting your bone health at risk and leaving yourself open to osteoporosis.

Maple syrup is sugar, as is honey, as is agave nectar, etc etc. Coconut oil is NOT healthier than other oils. Use olive oil on your salads, rapeseed oil for cooking and coconut oil only in moderation, as you would other saturated fats. If you want another pretty book for your shelves, by all means buy Deliciously Ella Every Day, but for your actual everyday diet, have a look at our tasty, nutritionally balanced, fully analysed recipes at www.

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