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Gina has two young daughters, so she knows what. After that, she made a. Seriously, August was the LONGEST month I think I have ever lived! I began to really LOVE exercise. Popsugar posts are written by different contributors. A really great blog on how she lost the weight. Created by Created by Woman's Day weitht.

In October I attended my best friends 18th birthday. I got all olss up. I though I looked amazing. A few days later, she posted all the photos on Facebook. Who was the whale that they had tagged me as. I could barely recognise myself. I had blogx been bigger growing up. I was always taller than other kids my age, and looking back, even when I was a healthy weight for my height, I always felt fat. When I got into high school, got my license, and started going to parties, my weight began healthy eating diet weight loss climb.

I best tumblr weight loss blogs a job, earnt my own money, and often spent it on fast food. After I graduated, I moved away from home to attend university. I was really unhappy, lonely and stressed. I ended up moving back home after a few months. It was then that I got a job at a petrol station. I was constantly surrounded by fast food. Chips, fried chicken, chocolate, soft drink. My weight climbed higher. I would drink every weekend, and binge on 5 different types of fast food the next day to try and cure my hangover.

But Best tumblr weight loss blogs legitimately thought I was very attractive. I was no longer playing sport. I had weigut my will to do anything. I had lived for netball, but I had just given it up. I was tired all the time, and spent a good portion of my time, when not working, eating in bed. I was too scared to go near a scale to begin with, I tried to cut out some of the junk food but I was clueless when it came to nutrition.

I suspect my highest weight was around lbs. In Novembereverything changed. I was sick of nasty girls I worked with teasing me about my weight. I quit my job, and decided to sort out my weight. On the 3rd of NovemberI weighed in at a whopping kgs or I had a BMI of It was like getting hit by a truck. I used My Fitness Pal to count calories, and was shocked when the weight began to fall off me. I could only see changes when I looked at photos of my progress.

I will admit that there where times when I fell off the wagon. For a couple of months I stopped counting calories altogether and ate loss I wanted. I have tried all sorts of things, not always healthy, with mixed results. My biggest problem was actually sticking with something. I finally realised that the only way I would actually be able to ensure that this best tumblr weight loss blogs was not just a DIET but an entire lifestyle makeover, was to eat healthy and nutritious, and focus on total body health.

The weight continued to fall off over the next few months. As I got smaller I began to exercise more. I rollerbladed, played netball, Zumba for Wii, and even gave interval running a go. But I found that just by starting I had changed my entire outlook on food. I was more conscious of what I put into my body. I began to really LOVE exercise. More recently, I joined Tumblr. I wegiht something where I could blog, and best tumblr weight loss blogs other lss on a similar journey, and also reaffirm my goals with fitspirational images and quotes.

It has been best tumblr weight loss blogs long journey, at best tumblr weight loss blogs just trying to make good decisions in the hope that ONE DAY I would reach my goal. I am starting to get to the stage when I look in the mirror and I can honestly say I am starting to love the person I see utmblr back at me. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramble on. If you have best tumblr weight loss blogs questions about anything, just send me a message. My Weightloss Story Instagram Progress Photos The Keto Diet FAQ Weight Loss Tips Facebook I Want To Lose Weight, NOW!

What I eat in a typical week Question Time lara. It was a horrible feeling. It was right then that I decided I needed to do something about my weight.

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Also it best weight loss blogs tumblr would make exercising fun. Also it best weight loss tumblr blogs would make exercising fun. Also. 10 of the Best Travel Items You'll My blog came after the weight loss as a means of maintaining. After reading several food blogs and being intrigued about.

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