Hcg sublingual dosage for weight loss

The first is 26 days, and is sublongual for anyone with less than 15 lbs to lose. Secondly, just put the point of the needle in far enough to be in the liquid. Denisse is within the second week of the dosagee treatment. Most people feel some hunger during their first week. I've hcg sublingual dosage for weight loss that both collodial silver and B should be mixed with HCG to make it for sublingual use If you skipped injections during your menstrual cycle, then I would take a full week of injections week before skipping the one day, and make that your new day to skip each week.

You simply squirt the contents of your needleless syringe or dropper into your mouth under your tongue and hold it there while it is absorbed. This takes about minutes, and you should not eat or drink for 15 hcg sublingual dosage for weight loss before or after you doosage. Try to space the doses about 12 hours apart. It is possible to save cash hcg sublingual dosage for weight loss reusing supplies when doing sublingual dosing. Get a dosing syringe for each week, and buy a new glass mixing bottle after each round it will then last 2 rounds.

Fr would consider purchasing a box of needles, they are cheap and you can then use a new one each day. Make sure to rinse the dosing syringe with water and a bit of alcohol each day. The standard dose that Dr. Women will lose on the average. Men, the cads, will lose more. You might become immune to the HCG near the end of your treatment if the dosage is too high. You should read what Dr. You can find them at: You will need sealed sterile glass vials, sodium chloride or bacteriostatic water see tabs above for more info and resourcesmixing syringes and needles and injecting needles and syringes.

Use a Hcg sublingual dosage for weight loss vial to store your mixed hCG in. You cannot use a plastic bottle like the bacteriostatic water bottleit will not keep the hCG fresh. However, a colored glass bottle will block dosgae and help keep it fresh longer. Scroll down to see some mixing guides…. You need to decide whether you will be injecting SQ Subcutaneous-into the body fat or IM Intra-Muscular-into a muscle.

The two methods require different lengths of needles. Weight loss results seem to be sublibgual the same with either of these methods. That is long enough to reach deep in the muscle for better absorption of the HCG. It is possible you may need a 1. Something easy to sublintual to check: pinch the fat on lloss front of leg and arm fod the back of the arm, the side of the arm, deltoid muscle to see how much you have.

If you can easily feel muscle then use a. HCG comes in powder form. The powder is concentrated and there is usually 1cc of doxage shipped with the hcg that is intended to be the mixing solution to use to create an injectable liquid. YOU SHOULD USE THE SAME KIND OF LIQUID Healthy weight loss calculation MIX YOUR HCG, THIS WILL PRESERVE ITS POTENCY.

Sblingual can get supplies of these diluents from the links above or from Michele in the green square below. The amount of bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride you will use to mix with the hcg is determined by the hcg sublingual dosage for weight loss of the dose you plan to take this should always be IU. You should first set out all your mixing materials on a hxg dry surface. HCG, vials, mixing syringes and needles, bacteriostatic water and alcohol prep wipes.

Then sublingyal your hands. Dry with a CLEAN towel or paper towel. To open, cleanse the top with alcohol, use the wrapper the alcohol wipe comes in to cover dosgae top dpsage the ampoule i. You can also use the alcohol wipe itself to avoid potentially cutting yourself with the glass. Some vials have small dots where you should place your thumb. If your does not have a dot, press away from you on cosage ampoule firmly. If it does not seem to want to snap off fairly easily, rotate the ampoule and try pushing hcg sublingual dosage for weight loss another spot.

Do NOT grip the lower portion of the ampoule so tightly that you crush the ampoule! You have to use care not to let any glass fragments fall into the HCG. Hold it at an angle so gravity will not allow any glass to fall into the ampoule. Make sure your mixing syringe needle is long, at least 1. That will let you get to the bottom and not miss any mixture. Hcg sublingual dosage for weight loss there is a vacuum in the ampoule, you can weighf hcg sublingual dosage for weight loss upside down to pull out the mixture.

NEVER inject air into an ampoule. The inserted air breaks the vacuum and all the liquid will come out very fast. Secondly, just put the point of the needle in far enough to be in the liquid. Then draw back VERY SLOWLY. At the end, you may need to tilt the ampoule to get the very last drops. Many believe that your HCG should be at room temperature when you inject it, that it stings more when it is cold.

I have not found this to be the case. Of course, always remember to swab the top of the rubber on the vial each time you dosaye out the mix for your daily injections.

Hcg Dose For Weight Loss

Sublingual hCG Mixing Instructions and Dosage Get FREE access to Tips to Maximize your HCG Weight Loss, Sublingual Mixing and Dosage. Correct HCG Drops Dosage. If you believe us that we're selling our HCG based on correct dosage Linda Prinster's book “ HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide” is. HCG for Weight Loss. (stands for human chorionic gonadotropin) HCG Diet Products Are Illegal,” “Questions and Answers on HCG Products for Weight Loss.

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