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Apollo 1eeight designated ASwas the first manned mission of the United States Apollo programwhich had as its ultimate goal a manned lunar landing. A cabin fire during a launch rehearsal test on January 27 at Cape Kennedy Air Force Station Launch Complex 34 killed all three crew members—Command Pilot Virgil I. White IIand Pilot Roger B. Chaffee —and destroyed the Command Module CM. The name Weight loss apollo beach fl 1chosen by the crew, was officially retired by NASA in commemoration of them on April 24, Immediately after the fire, NASA convened the Apollo Accident Review Board to determine the cause of the fire, and both houses of olss United States Weight loss apollo beach fl conducted their own committee inquiries to oversee NASA's investigation.

The ignition source of the fire was determined to be electrical, and the fire spread rapidly due to combustible nylon material, and the high pressure, pure oxygen cabin atmosphere. The astronauts' rescue was prevented by the plug door hatch, which could not be opened against the higher internal pressure of the cabin. A failure to identify the test as hazardous because the rocket was unfueled led to the rescue being hampered by poor emergency preparedness.

During the Congressional investigation, then-Senator Walter Mondale weight loss apollo beach fl revealed a NASA internal document citing problems with prime Apollo contractor North American Aviationwhich became known as the " Phillips Report ". This disclosure embarrassed NASA Administrator James E. Webbwho was unaware of the document's existence, and attracted controversy to the Apollo program.

Despite congressional displeasure at NASA's lack of openness, both congressional committees ruled that the issues raised in the report had no bearing on the accident. Manned Apollo flights were suspended for 20 months while the Command Module's hazards were addressed. However, the development and unmanned testing of the Lunar Module LM and Saturn V Moon rocket continued.

The Saturn IB launch vehicle for Apollo 1, AS, was used for the first LM test flight, Apollo 5. The first successful manned Apollo mission was flown weight loss apollo beach fl Apollo 1's backup crew on Apollo 7 in October AS was to test launch operations, ground tracking and control facilities and the performance of the Apollo-Saturn launch assembly and would have lasted up to two weeks, depending on how the spacecraft performed.

This was incorporated into the Block II CSM design, along with lessons learned in Beqch I. Block II would be test-flown with the LM when the latter was ready, and would be used on the Moon landing flights. But Eisele dislocated his shoulder twice aboard the KC weightlessness training aircraftand had apoolo undergo surgery on January Slayton replaced him with Chaffee, [4] and NASA announced neach crew selection on March 21, James McDivittDavid Scott and Russell Schweickart were named as the backup crew.

A newspaper article published on August 4,referred to the flight bexch "Apollo 1". In OctoberNASA announced the flight would carry a small television camera to broadcast live from wfight Command Module. The camera would also be used to allow flight controllers to monitor the spacecraft's instrument panel in flight. The Moon is seen in the distance, symbolic of the eventual program goal. A yellow border carries the mission and astronaut names with another border set with stars and stripes, trimmed in gold.

The insignia was designed by the crew, with the artwork done by North American Aviation employee Allen Stevens. In OctoberJoseph F. Shea was named Apollo Spacecraft Program Office ASPO manager, responsible for managing the design and construction of both the CSM and the LM. In a spacecraft review meeting held with Shea on August 19, a week before deliverythe crew expressed concern about the amount of flammable material mainly nylon netting and Velcro in the cabin, which both astronauts and technicians found convenient for holding tools and equipment in place.

Though Shea gave the spacecraft a passing grade, after the meeting they gave him a crew portrait they had posed with heads bowed and hands clasped in prayer, with the inscription: It isn't that we don't trust you, Joe, but this time we've decided to go over your head.

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