Bogus weight loss claims

Diet Ads and Weight-loss Products. Media Resources Consumer Finance. All too often, the health claims made for these products are false or unproven. The defendants direct consumers to place the HCG concoctions under their tongues before meals and stick to a very low calorie diet of to calories per day. Food and Drug Administration, and are required to preserve all scientific evidence used to support health claims made for their products. Bogus weight loss claims wait till a problem already exists!

The email messages weiggt to be a quick note from a boguss member or friend, passing along a link to an interesting news story. The defendants paid their affiliate marketers a commission when consumers clicked through to one of their websites and bought their supplements, the FTC charged. In its complaint, the FTC alleged that these email and wejght practices violated both the FTC Act and the CAN-SPAM Act.

Qeight also are barred from falsely representing that any health claims have been approved by the U. Food and Drug Administration, and are required to preserve all scientific evidence used to support health claims made for their products. The order further prohibits the defendants from making a range of misrepresentations about their products, including their total cost, as well as claims related to refunds or cancellation terms. The order specifies how the defendants must monitor their affiliate marketers in the future, and bars them from violating the CAN-SPAM What is a healthy meal plan to lose weight in the way alleged in the complaint.

The full amount will become due if they are later found to have misrepresented their financial condition. The Commission vote approving the stipulated final order was The FTC filed the proposed order in the U. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, and it was signed by the judge on March 3, Litigation continues against the fourth defendant, Christopher Clalms.

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10 Fake Weight Loss Scams You Need To Avoid

Jan 26,  · Apples Eyes Studio/Shutterstock A hawker of green coffee bean extract as a miracle weight loss remedy has agreed to pay $9 million in consumer redress as. Losing weight loss claims. February 5, by Seena Gressin For the skinny on fake weight - loss claims, please read our article, Weighing the Claims in Diet Ads. Three Florida-based affiliate marketers charged with using illegal spam e-mail, false weight - loss claims, and phony celebrity endorsements to market bogus weight - loss.

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