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The clay pulls out toxic metals from our bodies. That feels a bit deceiving to me. Click Here To Productss Your Copy For FREE! July 8,am Hi Tiffany. This post is not sponsored by Morrocco Method.

Because I was tired of DIY hair care and ready to switch things up, I began searching for a line of holistic do hair detox products work care products that met my philosophy for a healthy scalp and healthy hair. As someone who has faced some serious hair loss due to years of illness, Morrocco Method is restoring body, volume and shine to my hair. For an overview of the ingredients in Morrocco Method products, as well as my experience with the shampoos and conditioners, please read my 5 Tips for Holistic Hair Care here.

This post is not sponsored by Morrocco Method. I truly love these products and want to help you get the best weight loss cancer risk as possible with the products. The links are affiliate links, meaning it supports my blog if you make a purchase through the link and you have my sincerest thanks for your support! This happens when you make the switch to any non-foaming hair care, be it Morrocco Method or DIY hair products.

Build-up from chemical products are clogging the pores of your scalp and shafts of your hair and must be removed before you can begin your healthy hair journey. You may also notice some changes with your scalp as you experience detox. This may mean you experience an overly dry OR overly oily scalp. Give your scalp time to readjust and re-regulate its own oil production. There are a few tips that I found extremely helpful for speeding up the transition period and improving the overall quality of my hair.

These are also the routines that I follow to maintain the health of my hair and scalp. It is a unique blend of volcanic ash, plant proteins and minerals do hair detox products work mix with water and apply to your scalp. Here are a couple of my tips for using this unique product: Using a boar-bristle brush is an traditional practice to create smooth, shiny, healthy hair. Thanks to a boar bristle brush, Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth, Katherine Hepburn do hair detox products work other Silver Screen Sirens were able to obtain their glamorous wavy hairstyles.

A boar bristle brush carries the sebum from the scalp and evenly distributes it to the ends of the hair. This not only reduces the oil build-up at the scalp which occurs during the Detox Period, it moisturizes the entire hair shaft since sebum is the best conditioner and anti-frizz serum ever invented. A high-quality boar bristle brush any of theseis more of an investment than a regular hairbrush, but one brush literally lasts a lifetime.

The nylon bristles help detangle and make it gentler on the hair, while the boar bristles distribute the natural oils. In other words, whether a farmer plants his seeds during a full moon or a new moon or the waning or waxing influences whether the crops are bountiful or sparse. This same practice can be applied to your hair. I actually trim my hair at home with this simple technique!

In the same way, the Morrocco Method philosophy holds that cutting your hair on certain days can retard do hair detox products work growth. This coupon is valid for continental US shipping only on the UPS Sure Post and UPS ground shipping options. Genevieve March 14, at am Hey Lauren! Thank you so much for sharing it. And that is USPS parcel post shipping. In any case, I cannot seem to find any info on the MM resources about what is special about these scissors.

That feels a bit deceiving to me. Please advise when you get a chance, thanks, and have a great day! Lauren February 12, at pm Hi Melody! First, do hair detox products work you for your continued support of Empowered Sustenance by purchasing from the brands I recommend. I have not personally used the blunt snippers from Morrocco Method and could not do hair detox products work you how they compare to other scissors. I have personally trimmed my hair with my sharp sewing scissors and that worked do hair detox products work me.

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Hair Products offers a full line of hair care products, black hair care products and hair accessories including shampoo, conditioner, clippers, flat irons, hair. Did you know you could detox your hair? I had no idea that you could detox your hair until I read the book, DIY Organic Beauty. Out of all the recipes in the book. 3 steps to detox your hair, plus a Morrocco Method coupon for free shipping and 10% off.

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