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The balloon is designed to be used at the same time as developing healthier eating habits. Each balloon is contained in a capsule or pill, attached to a tiny tube that is used to inflate the balloon once in the stomach. After liposuction, a scar of weight loss wrap southampton a quarter of an inch will be left, placed discretely wherever possible in a body fold or crease. Glasgow Clinic c w. Exeter Clinic c w. Stage two consists of a cooling menthol gel being vigorously massaged into the treated areas.

The Obalon pills are designed to be inflated into balloons in the stomach, reducing the free volume of the stomach and therefore how much a person can eat before they feel full. Obalon has been approved in Europe for overweight and obese adults, but in the UK is currently only available privately. Weight loss wrap southampton is designed to be used for a maximum period of lkss months. The device is made by a company also called Obalon. It comprises three lightweight balloons that are placed in the stomach over a week period.

Each balloon is contained in a capsule or pill, attached to a tiny tube that is used to inflate the balloon once in the stomach. A BMI of 25 or above is considered as being overweight 30 or above is considered as being obese. If you opted for this treatment, you would have to swallow the capsule reportedly the size of a large vitamin pillwith a very small tube attached. Once the capsule reaches the stomach, it opens up and releases the balloon. The doctor looks at where the balloon is placed weifht an X-ray and then inflates the balloon with gas through the tube it is not clear what type of gas is used.

After the balloon is inflated, the tube is removed, leaving the balloon in the stomach. According to the manufacturer, the procedure takes about 15 minutes and no sedation or anaesthetic is needed. A weight loss wrap southampton diet is followed for three days afterwards, consisting of weight loss wrap southampton liquids only on day one and soft foods only on day two with most people able to eat solid foods on day three.

Twelve weeks after the first balloon is swallowed, all balloons are removed using an endoscope. Light sedation may be required for this procedure, which takes about minutes. The balloon is designed to be used at the same time as developing healthier warp habits. To achieve lasting weight loss, the person would need to stick to these healthier habits after any balloons are removed. Obalon has conducted a study of the balloon in obese patients, mainly women, who initially received a single balloon.

Just under half received a second balloon and a further six a third balloon, during the treatment period. Techniques such as gastric banding or gastric bypass have a longer, more proven pedigree when it comes to sustaining long-term weight loss. It is currently uncertain whether the Obalon balloon would achieve similar results over the long weight loss wrap southampton due to a lack of evidence. In the same study, about one in 10 patients reported nausea, 6.

No serious complications were reported. However, doctors are advised to closely monitor patients undergoing the procedure during the entire 12 weeks, to detect weivht complications. These could include: Because the Obalon balloon is so new, it is currently difficult southamptoj assess how safe it is compared with other similar types of weight soutnampton treatment. Lower air pressure at such altitudes will result in overinflation of the balloon. This height equates to just over twice the height of the famous Shard tower in Weight loss wrap southampton, but is less than the height of many of the larger hills and mountains across the UK including Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike.

It is only available weight loss wrap southampton, from a company called Spire Healthcare. Prices are available on request However, an intra-gastric balloon procedure without invasive surgery is available on the NHS. The balloon can be can saran wrap reduce belly fat through your mouth and down into your stomach using an endoscope a thin, flexible tube that has a light and a camera on one end.

You can find more on gastric balloon treatment from the Soutahmpton Obesity Surgery Patients Association. As yet little research into the effectiveness of this recent product has been undertaken. Weight loss wrap southampton may help weight loss but is unlikely to be a magic cure for obesity. As the company advises, people who have weight loss wrap southampton will need to stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle during the 12 weeks and afterwards.

Before taking the radical step of spending thousands of pounds to swallow balloons, it is always recommended that you try to lose weight through a balanced, calorie-controlled diet and increased exercise.

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