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Updated: Mar 31, Treatment of Asymptomatic Gallstones. Treatment of Patients with Symptomatic Gallstones. The treatment of gallstones depends upon the stage of disease. Asymptomatic gallstones may be managed expectantly. Once gallstones become symptomatic, definitive surgical intervention with cholecystectomy is usually indicated typically, laparoscopic cholecystectomy is first-line therapy at centers with experience in this procedure. However, medical therapy may be a useful alternative to cholecystectomy in select patients, particularly in those who are not suitable surgical candidates or who effective weight loss medicine in philippines unwilling to undergo surgery.

Medical treatment, beyond pain control, is not initiated in the emergency department. Medical treatments for gallstones, used alone or in combination, include the following. Surgical treatment of asymptomatic gallstones without medically complicating diseases is discouraged. Persons with diabetes and women who are pregnant should have close follow-up to determine if they become symptomatic or develop complications. Patients with risk factors for complications of gallstones may be offered elective cholecystectomy, even if they have asymptomatic gallstones.

Refer to a surgeon for removal as an outpatient procedure. Ursodeoxycholic acid ursodiol is a gallstone dissolution agent. In humans, long-term administration of ursodeoxycholic acid rffective cholesterol saturation of bile, both by reducing liver cholesterol secretion and by reducing the detergent effect of bile salts in the gallbladder thereby preserving vesicles that have a high cholesterol carrying capacity.

Desaturation of bile prevents crystals from forming and, in fact, may allow gradual extraction of cholesterol from existing stones. This intervention typically requires months and is successful only with small, purely cholesterol stones. Patients remain at risk for gallstone complications until dissolution is completed. Moreover, after discontinuation of treatment, most patients form new gallstones over the subsequent years. In patients with symptomatic effective weight loss medicine in philippines, discuss the options for surgical and nonsurgical intervention; emergency physicians should refer patients to their primary care provider and obtain surgical consultant for outpatient follow-up.

Removal of the gallbladder cholecystectomy is generally indicated in patients who have experienced symptoms or complications of gallstones, unless the patient's age and general health make the risk of surgery prohibitive. In some cases of gallbladder empyema, temporary drainage of pus from the gallbladder cholecystostomy may be preferred to allow stabilization and to permit later cholecystectomy under elective circumstances.

In patients with gallbladder stones who are suspected to have concurrent common bile duct stones, the surgeon philippiness perform intraoperative cholangiography at the time of cholecystectomy. The common bile duct can be explored using a choledochoscope. If common duct stones are found, they can usually be extracted intraoperatively. Effectiev, the surgeon can create a fistula between the distal bile duct and the adjacent duodenum choledochoduodenostomy philippinea, allowing stones to pass harmlessly into the intestine.

The first cholecystectomy was performed in the late s. The open approach pioneered by Langenbuch remained the standard until the late s, when laparoscopic cholecystectomy was introduced. Currently, open cholecystectomy is mainly reserved for special situations. The traditional open approach to cholecystectomy employed a large, right subcostal incision.

In contrast, laparoscopic cholecystectomy employs 4 very ohilippines incisions. Recovery time and postoperative pain are diminished markedly by the laparoscopic approach. Currently, laparoscopic cholecystectomy is commonly performed in an outpatient setting. By reducing effedtive effective weight loss medicine in philippines and the time lost from work, the laparoscopic approach has also reduced the cost of cholecystectomy.

Cholelithiasis patients whose laparoscopic cholecystectomy was uncomplicated may be sent home the same day if postoperative pain and nausea are well controlled.

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