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I know from experience that full-on restriction of any food results in a binge or rebellion. Probiotics can be easily added into a standard or low-calorie diet. Get Started Now with our Free Online Weight Loss Program!! All donations to First Place 4 Health are tax-exempt. Failure Eating: I already broke my boundaries.

Marie Griffith is a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at. Northwestern University, where she teaches in the department. Women and the Power of Submissionforthcoming from. Copyright by The Christian Century Foundation; used. Current articles and subscription information. Thirty-nine years ago the CHRISTIAN CENTURY printed a waggish but eloquent essay by William B.

Mueller titled "Of Obesity and Election. Shedd: Pray Your Weight Away As Mueller observed with due irony, Shedd had managed to blend the tone of a down-home preacher with the shrewdness of an entrepreneurial fitness broker in order to peddle the gospel of slimness, condemning portly bodies in the unequivocal lexicon of sin and guilt while touting born-again reduction through sustained and humble prayer. Mueller had apparently labored hard to instill fear of all things flabby in her young son, awakening him daily at 6 A.

Today I live for Him. Today I eat with Him. All the while, readers could emulate Shedd in imagining the mountain referred to in Matthew as a mountain of flesh, able to be moved i. With a heavy dose of positive thinking to balance his rebuke of excess poundage, Shedd assured readers that beneath their bulk "there is a beautiful figure waiting to come forth. Peel off the layers, watch it emerge, and know the thrill which comes when you meet the real you.

Today the shelves of Christian bookstores bulge with material that makes Charlie Shedd look like a prophetic sage even if he did recommend only a trifling 15 minutes of exercise per day rather than an object of easy derision. I suspect many Christians are, as I am, puzzled if not troubled by recent developments in this industry.

Perhaps it is time to try to assess the full scope of this movement and formulate a cogent theological response. Since the s American Christianity has seen the rise and sometimes fall of groups and concepts like Overeaters Victorious, Believercise, the Faithfully Fit Program, and the Love Hunger Action Plan. When Christian diet literature underwent its initial boom in the s, Charlie Shedd again led first place weight loss bible study program way: his book The Fat Is in Your Head remained on the national religious best-seller first place weight loss bible study program for 23 months and sold more thancopies by Other striking successes in this period include C.

Along the way, women who had failed to lose weight on their own took a cue from the strategy of such commercial groups as TOPS for Taking Off Pounds Sensibly, founded inOvereaters Anonymous and Weight Watchers incorporated in and began seeking help from other struggling dieters, adding a biblical dimension to the program. The New York wife of a Presbyterian pastor, for instance, gave up the strict regimen of Weight Watchers in to form 3D Diet, Discipline, Discipleshipadvertised as "a Christian counterpart to national weight-watcher programs" and expanding to more than 5, churches andparticipants by About the same time, pound Neva First place weight loss bible study program from Minnesota, having failed at every commercial diet program she tried, turned to the Bible, lost pounds, and founded Overeaters Victorious inwhich launched her successful career as a best-selling author and inspirational speaker.

Currently, the largest of these programs is the Tennessee-based Weigh Down Workshop founded ina week Bible study program that is now offered in as many as 10, churches in the U. Concern with weight and dieting is hardly the sole province of religious conservatives. Readers of theologian Mary Louise Bringle and church historian Roberta Bondi, both of whom have written moving accounts of their struggles how to lose fat from thighs at home food, recognize that eating compulsions of every variety bedevil liberal Christians no less than their evangelical sisters and brothers.

Awareness of this point, and of the extreme suffering that accompanies such compulsions, should make us sympathetic toward Christian weight-watching. Yet hundreds of thousands of downhearted dieters look to this kind of devotional advice for redemption as assiduously as they have ever listened to Sunday sermons, and often with a great deal more desperation.

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Thirty-nine years ago the CHRISTIAN CENTURY printed a waggish but eloquent essay by William B. Mueller titled "Of Obesity and Election." An article so named today. Try our Free Weight Loss program! Watch all of the Weigh Down at Home Video Lessons on this site for no cost!. The Fatal Flaw in Traditional Diets. Have you ever lost weight, but then gained it all back? Yeah, me too! For over 20 years, I went on many diets, but always ended.

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