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Io is the closest thing we have to hell in our Solar System, a Jovian moon that features hundreds of active volcanoes and expansive lakes filled with lava. New observations suggests that the largest of these lakes, Loki Patera, produces enormous waves that repeatedly flow around the molten surface. Thanks to a rare orbital alignment between Europa and Io, an international team of researchers has identified and tracked a pair of lava waves as they coursed around Loki Patera, which is larger than Lake Ontario, and with ultrasonic infrared magnetic fat burning massager review surface area of 8, square miles 21, square km.

The most likely explanation for this apparently periodic wave action is an overturning circulation pattern, in which cool surface crust slowly thickens and sinks, pulling nearby crust along with it in a wave that spreads across the surface. These findings are set to appear in the May 11 edition of Nature. When the Voyager 1 and 2 space probes visited the Jovian system in the late s, these suspicions were confirmed, revealing Io as the ultrasonic infrared magnetic fat burning massager review volcanically active object in the Solar System.

This tortured moon is embroiled in a gravitational tug-of-war between Jupiter and other Jovian satellites, causing intense tidal heating within its interior. One of the most curious things to come out of our observations of Io is the periodic brightening seen at Loki Patera every to days. The two prevailing theories include eruptions, which spread lava flows over a large area, or overturning waves of lava.

On March 8,Europa passed in front of Io from the perspective of Earth, gradually blocking out light from the volcanic moon. In stark contrast to Io, Europa is covered in ice, which reflects very little sunlight when viewed through infrared wavelengths. To do so, ultrasonic infrared magnetic fat burning massager review used the twin 8. As Europa eclipsed Io, LBTO captured the incoming infrared light.

The researchers compiled a two-dimensional thermal map showing the temperature distribution along the patera, and at a resolution better than 6. Analysis of the data showed that the surface temperature of Loki Patera steadily increased from one end to the other, suggesting that lava had overturned in two waves that swept from east to west at a rate of 3, feet 1 km per day.

Observations also showed that the overturning was initiated at different times on the two sides of the cool island at the center of the patera, hinting at complex geological process beneath the surface. The animation shows Europa sweeping across the patera and obscuring different portions of its floor. Rather we have a crust forming on a lava lake Looking ahead, the researchers are hoping to make more observations to confirm the patera is indeed a lava-filled lake, to confirm the cyclical nature of its overturning waves, and to possibly capture similar events in other pateras.

The next occultation event between Europa and Io is scheduled for Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service.

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